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  1. http://www./ on 30 Dec 2016

    Sounds like the free market. I bet the folks in Muncie are pretty happy about that.Hey any of you Illinois folks wanna live in a free state where you can even protect yourself from murdering scumbags and thieves?Just one more nail in Illinois’ coffin.I have to travel through it some times but I make a point of not spending a dime when I do.Mayor Daley was enough reason to dislike the politics of Illinois but the corruption of the state politics and their anti 2nd ammendment stance is another.So all I can say is HA HA!!!

  2. http://www./ on 28 Feb 2017

    I understand. I am not offended at all. It is difficult to relate with something you have no personal context for, thank God. Imagine how it would be if we started comprehending all suffering in its full glory? Light comments apart, the “wow” is a response I have become accustomed to. You are possibly the first to realize what the problem with it is – that it is a distance – a spectator’s word. But in acknowledging that, it gets negated. You consciously reach out, if not over your feelings on the story, then because you care about me, which is more important.As always, you astound me with how perceptive and honest you are.

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