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  1. Jerry on 23 Jan 2017

    I’ve been reading this for a minute, and I again agree. But anyone that votes for someone because of anhtying other then a brother or sister’s politics deserves what they get. Black, White, Yellow, we ALL know the real color at work: green.

  2. http://www./ on 11 Feb 2017

    I’m supposed to get promoted to 1LT at the end of January/beginning of February, but we’ll see how that goes.Sure wish we were going to be back in MN at the same time brother. On the bright side, it looks like I should be done with flight school as scheduled and be back in MN NLT than 1 JUN 12. We’ll get the [Rock] Band back together and jam out soon enough. Until thenWinter is coming

  3. http://www./ on 01 Mar 2017

    Den lille nissen din ser ut som en skikkelig going,glad og i godt humør.Koste seg visst veldig på den hesten,hihi.Kos å stelle til jul når man er to som spiller på lag,alltid kjekt det.Kos dere videre,begge to.Klem fra Anne-Berit:)

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